‘There’s a duopoly: Israel and Silicon Valley…

and everyone else is eating our dust,’ – Jonathan Medved, founder & CEO of OurCrowd, an Israel-based venture capital firm.

TheStreet’s Scott Gamm sat down with Medved at the Israeli Capital Markets Conference in New York and asked him a couple of questions:

    -What about the startups of Israel? Should Silicon Valley be worried?

No, Silicon Valley shouldn’t be worried of nobody, but the rest of the world should, because we are the #2.

    – How do you compete? Why should I go to Israel to start my company?

Next wave …[that challenge the world] … is the hard technology problems. Internet of things will be driven by Israel ans big data will be driven by Israel. Amazon just bought Israel chip company for $400 millions, so they would integrate that technology to resolve the issues related to their data services. Israel is good for hard technology problems… Average exit price for Israel startups is going up to $200 mlms from $30 millions only 6 years ago. Read more: http://www.thestreet.com/video/13093068/silicon-valley-shouldnt-be-worried-about-israels-rising-tech-scene.html


How does Israel, a small country with roughly 8 million people, produce more tech startups and receive more venture capital per capita than any nation in the world? Why does a country with few natural resources have more companies listed on the NASDAQ than Europe, Japan, Korea, India and China combined? Read more: http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/20/from-the-8200-to-silicon-valley/

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