In the Shadow of Big Brother …

“Google has the world’s most popular mobile operating system. The world’s most popular search engine. One of the world’s most popular social networks, in Google+. The biggest ad exchange in the world. And, yes, the world’s most popular browser. Imagine, for instance, if Google introduced an Ad ID, a la Apple’s solution, for every Android device. And then included it in Chrome. And then extended it to the searches, and Google+ social networking”.

… fighting to control the future of the Internet
. By John Koetsier, VentureBeat.

… San Francisco locals disturbed as Google, Facebook, Apple and eBay professionals move in

In 2011, according to the US Census, the median income for a man aged 25-34 was $32,581 (£20,368). The average Silicon Valley salary was a little under $100,000. The [Silicon Valley] Bay Area’s tech industry boasts 50 or more billionaires and many thousands of millionaires. Yet homelessness in the region has risen by 20 per cent in two years. This month, Twitter announced its imminent flotation on the stock market, which means there may soon be several hundred more tech millionaires in San Francisco… The median monthly rent on a one-bedroom flat in the Mission is now $2,850. Between 2011 and 2012, San Francisco rents went up faster than in any other US city.

By Tim Walker, The Independent. 27 September 2013

Silicon Valley’s Culture: insider slang

Learn by the examples: what does it mean “disrupt ?

Spend ten minutes talking to, listening to, or reading about anyone in the startup community, and you’ll almost inevitably hear the word “disrupt” in one of its many forms.

    They’re going to disrupt the industry.
    The company is disruptive.
    It’s a classic disruptor.

The startup and tech worlds have taken a perfectly useful word and turned it into something devoid of meaning — a cliche thrown around by would-be insiders.
by Max Nisen. Business Insider, Sep. 28, 2013

Larry about Larry: Google CEO did “evil” things …

(CBS News) Larry Ellison, America’s third richest man and the CEO of tech giant Oracle, took aim at Google in a wide-ranging interview with Charlie Rose, calling out Google CEO Larry Page “specifically” for overseeing Google’s decision to “take our [Oracle’s] stuff” …

Larry about Larry

Ellison clarified that Page — who is known for his personal slogan, “Don’t Be Evil” — “slipped up this one time” and said it was it was his actions, not necessarily Page himself, that were evil.

See also:

Eric Schmidt thought ‘Don’t Be Evil’ was ‘the stupidest rule ever’ when he joined Google

The idea was that we don’t quite know what evil is, but if we have a rule that says don’t be evil, then employees can say, I think that’s evil,” Schmidt said. “Now, when I showed up, I thought this was the stupidest rule ever, …”

Google vs. Evil

Evil,” says Google CEO Eric Schmidt, “is what Sergey says is evil.”

Google’s ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Mantra Is ‘Bullshit’
~ Steve Jobs