Silicon Valley At The Cusp of a New Age of McCarthyism

    McCarthyism is the practice … of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques… for small and large companies concerned about … their work force.
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Sure, a law might be annoying and unpleasant. If a company’s workforce looks like Google’s, radically a white masculine club, there will expected be disastrous stories and open vigour to change. On a eve of a open offering, Twitter had to continue slings and arrows over a all-male house before appointing a woman… a ethnicity, competition and gender of who works in tech, radically a tube to those pivotal care roles, has radically been a black box. And that’s been on purpose… This kind of avowal matters now some-more than ever since a Bay Area is intent in a wide-ranging review over who advantages from a tech industry’s success… What kind of information am we articulate about? Companies should exhibit annually their global, U.S. and Silicon Valley workforce by gender, race, ethnicity and age and by specific roles, such as leadership, tech, non-tech. They should exhibit demographics when it comes to new hires, influence and promotion.
It’s time for Silicon Valley firms to divulge a race, ethnicity, gender and … by San Jose Mercury News.

Google joins a small set of Silicon Valley companies that offer data about the gender, racial and ethnic breakdown of its workforce… Asians make up 34 percent of Google’s workforce nationally. That compares favorably with national numbers for tech jobs; Asians held 15.5 percent of those. But in Silicon Valley, 50.1 percent of tech workers are Asian… Google’s disclosure comes after the company, along with other tech firms, resisted media efforts to get employment data released. Google, along with Apple, Yahoo, Oracle and Applied Materials, fought the Mercury News’ efforts to obtain the data several years ago,…
Quinn: Google workers predominantly male and white, rare peek shows by San Jose Mercury News.

Top 10 Silicon Valley tech job trends

Elite techies make the big bucks. A Silicon Valley startup tried to woo a Google programmer away with a giant carrot: a $500,000 annual salary. The programmer scoffed. That’s because he’s making $3 million annually in cash and restricted stock units, according to Business Insider. Sure, the programmer’s massive salary isn’t typical, but it does point to a sign of the times. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others flush with cash are throwing wads of money at tech talent…

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Israel is the Silicon Valley’s major competitors

… Tel Aviv ranks second in the world for the top startup ecosystem — just below startup mecca Silicon Valley… one of the most startling differences lies in how the two innovation centers behave as a whole and how literally the word “community” applies to the [Silicon] Wadi. Instead of a purely competitive collection of individuals and companies, the Israeli tech scene is comprised of a group of interconnected young upstarts investing, mentoring, and cooperating with one another… Perhaps Israel isn’t so far from its roots after all, and the kibbutz [ a collective community based on agriculture] mentality is alive and well in the Startup Nation.
Israeli cooperation and collaboration is making Silicon Wadi the Valley’s major competitor. By Eilon Tirosh, VentureBeat