Google Inc. Effective Tax Rate is Steadily Going

asymptotically to … zero:


and Google isn’t alone. Almost all Big donors of the Democratic party follow the same rules and this is a reason why they constantly support the party of large taxes.

Every next time when Democratic party again rises taxes, the small businesses will lose, but for big corporations it does not matter. Their accounting & lowers departments will find / create the tax loopholes in any cases.

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Apple “iOS” vs. Google “Android” – eCommerce Competition – Who is Winning

Sales via smartphones and tablets through the U.S. and U.K. affiliate networks of Affiliate Window accounted for 19.0% of total web sales in May 2013 and 30.6% in May 2014… Affiliate Window study of May 2014 commerce activity on its networks also finds that:

  • 25% of total revenue came from mobile shoppers.
  • Apple iPhones accounted for 75.0% of smartphone traffic and 75.1% of smartphone sales while Android smartphones accounted for 25.0% of traffic and 24.9% of sales
  • Apple iPads accounted for 72.6% of tablet traffic and 84.1% of tablet sales while Android tablets accounted for 27.4% of tablet traffic but only 15.9% of tablet sales.
  • Tablet shoppers converted at a rate of 6.0% while smartphone shoppers converted at a rate of 2.9%. The average mobile conversion rate was 4.1%.
  • 23,000 sales each day originated from a mobile device: 14,750 on tablets and 8,250 on smartphones.

~Mobile commerce sales via affiliate networks soar By Bill Siwicki. Internet Retailer Magazine.

Tips for Foreign Founders Who Want to Start a Business in the U.S

  • Ask yourself: Do I really need to be in the U.S.? There are lots of vibrant places to start a business these days–London, Berlin, Tel Aviv are all hopping.
  • Don’t cheap out. If you’re bootstrapping, the whole kit and kaboodle of getting a visa isn’t cheap … “Without [his lawyer] Peter Roberts this whole thing would have been a nightmare”…
  • Look at all your options. There are lesser known possibilities such as setting up a subsidiary of an existing foreign …
  • Have a backup plan or two or three. This is an inherently uncertain process, so plan for that uncertainty…Read more: