Silicon Valley Encroaching on the Skincare & Beauty Industry

    … venture capitalists wrote a $100 million check to a startup called Ipsy to build the next-generation, global beauty brand… Startups like Ipsy believe the future is super intelligent software that knows your tastes so well, it will send products you’re guaranteed to like… There’s a large prize if they succeed. Worldwide revenue for beauty care products is expected to jump to $461 billion by 2018, up 21 percent from 2013. So far, San Francisco-based Ipsy has grabbed about $150 million of that total each year from its 1.5 million subscribers. Read more:

Who made it possible:

    ipsy Founders:
    Jennifer (Jaconetti) Goldfarb,
    President and Co Founder

    Marcelo Camberos,
    CEO and Co-Founder

    Michelle Phan,

    ipsy Mailing Address:
    Personalized Beauty Discovery, Inc.
    11 N. Ellsworth Ave. San Mateo, CA 94401
    Source: CrunchBase

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