Silicon Valley Engineers Salary: Weeby Case, led by a CEO Michael Carter … is offering … to pay its engineers an average salary well above market rate: $250,000 a year … “ If you look at a really talented engineer,said Carter, “they’ll help Facebook, Apple, or Google, but they won’t fundamentally change anything. Whereas that same engineer at a small company could be the difference between failure and a billion dollars .”

New hires get a base salary commensurate with their experience — at least $100,000, and more than they were previously paid. They join with the promise, if they perform well, of automatic $10,000 monthly bumps until they hit $250,000. Even then, the raises continue, so that after four years, it adds up to a million. Weeby doesn’t ignore equity, offering up to four times what similar-sized Valley startups do, Carter said. Employees, in fact, will own more of Weeby than even its biggest investor.

~ “Silicon Valley talent wars: Engineers, come get your $250K salary” by Daniel Terdiman,

English actress Keira Knightley discovered the Silicon Valley

… and was invited to a private screening of her new tech-centric movie, “The Imitation Game” at a home in the area… She said she met “a very nice man” named Sergey, who she assumed was a very rich man but was definitely wearing Crocs. That would be Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google. His net worth is about $30 billion, according to Forbes.The screening was hosted by “some rich tech person called Yuri, who was very nice.” That’s Yuri Milner, an investor worth nearly $2 billion.
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