Start-up Experts & Services Market is Booming

Start-up euphoria is the first Gold Rush of 21st century. As any Gold Rush in past, it creates the infrastructure, where service market is booming first:

Elaine Pofeldt How To Create A Startup Hub. It’s fun to launch a startup … But if you’re starting a business in a town or city that isn’t known for creating the next Snapchat or Oculus VR, it can get a little lonely. So how do you actually pull off the advice in Brad Feld’s popular book on the subject, Startup Communities? Read more:

    The idea that a nest of complex adaptive systems can be managed by a paint by numbers manual is triumph of hope over experience.

Any kind of the gold rushes were always based on the “triumph of hope over experience“:

    People eager to take part in 2nd “Gold Rush”. So,market responds. Who profit the most from Gold Rush of 19th century? Not miners

See also: From the Gold Mines of El Dorado to the “Golden” Startups of Silicon Valley


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