Apple “iOS” vs. Google “Android” – eCommerce Competition – Who is Winning

Sales via smartphones and tablets through the U.S. and U.K. affiliate networks of Affiliate Window accounted for 19.0% of total web sales in May 2013 and 30.6% in May 2014… Affiliate Window study of May 2014 commerce activity on its networks also finds that:

  • 25% of total revenue came from mobile shoppers.
  • Apple iPhones accounted for 75.0% of smartphone traffic and 75.1% of smartphone sales while Android smartphones accounted for 25.0% of traffic and 24.9% of sales
  • Apple iPads accounted for 72.6% of tablet traffic and 84.1% of tablet sales while Android tablets accounted for 27.4% of tablet traffic but only 15.9% of tablet sales.
  • Tablet shoppers converted at a rate of 6.0% while smartphone shoppers converted at a rate of 2.9%. The average mobile conversion rate was 4.1%.
  • 23,000 sales each day originated from a mobile device: 14,750 on tablets and 8,250 on smartphones.

~Mobile commerce sales via affiliate networks soar By Bill Siwicki. Internet Retailer Magazine.

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