Silicon Valley & Wall Street: Contradictive Alliance

      East is East, and West is West,
      and never the twain shall meet …

      -Rudyard Kipling

Silicon Valley has always had an uneasy relationship with Wall Street… The banking industry has tried to befriend — or, at times, wished it could colonize — Silicon Valley… Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurs and venture capitalists have done their best to avoid letting Wall Street too far inside their club… It now appears that a new sort of symbiotic relationship has finally begun to develop as the latest Digital Gold Rush presses on…

The money at stake for all sides is huge. Last year, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs collected more than $1 billion in fees from managing initial public offerings worldwide… Today, the hierarchy of power in Silicon Valley is still up for grabs as financial institutions do just about anything to gain entree to sought-after tech clients… Read more:


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