Cassidy: Holiday wish list for Silicon Valley’s royalty

For Apple CEO Tim Cook, an idea … any idea for God’s sake. Apple has been hammered for months for not innovating anymore. Coming up with a pink iPhone just doesn’t cut it … For Sergey Brin and Anne Wojcicki, a chance to take a deep breath. You probably read that the husband and wife — he of Google, she of 23andMe — are on the outs… For Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, how about another woman or two to serve on the newly public company’s board? … For Mark Zuckerberg, … Remember how he dropped $30 million in October to buy four of his neighbors’ houses so he wouldn’t have to worry about how some stranger might redevelop his neighborhood? … For Marissa Mayer, … passing out employee smartphones and instituting a free food policy (Who says there is no free lunch?), Yahoo recaptured a certain cool factor — almost enough cool factor, in fact, to negate Mayer’s move to ban her troops from working from home… – read more.

By Mike Cassidy, Mercury News Columnist.

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